Why Choose AT Solution?

AT Solution

AT Solution means 'Aligned Technology Solution'.
Founded in January, 2016, we specialize in the development
and production of laser modules for optical applications using laser diodes.
Based on our long experience in laser, we have gathered people
who have accumulated experience, technology and know-how
to provide the best products and services.


  • 2016.1 Established with Laser Diode module professional staff
  • 2016.2 Production of laser diode modules for optical repeaters
  • 2016.4 Launched laser module for simulation training for defense
  • 2016.5 Production of UV laser module for printing substrate
  • 2016.11 Korea Venture company certification, establishment of affiliated research institute
  • 2017.10 Analog Transceiver Develope for 5G
  • 2017.11 Optical Tansmitter Develope for Battle Ship Radar
  • 2018.2 Analog 8.5GHz Optical Module Develope
  • 2018.4 Delay Module Develope for Radar
  • 2019.5 Wideband Radar Target Simulator Develope
  • 2020.7 ISO 9001 : 2015 QMS Certificatied


We will continue to do our best to become the world's best optical solution company by providing the best solution for the rapidly changing market environment.